Long Arm Quilting Services: I offering long arm quilting services. I am able to take up to a take up to a king size quilt.

​Pricing for simple design is (0.02) cent per square inch and (0.3) cents ​a square inch for custom ruler work. To explain a  70" x 80" =5600 square inches multiplied by 0.01= $56.00. This includes the first bobbin and any additional bobbins are $4.00. Additional cost for batting is determined by size of quilt.

Binding Service :           
The cost for binding is: $.15/linear inch.  Includes machine sewing to the front and hand sewing with a blind stitch to the back.  To figure your binding cost as an example:  on a 90" x 90" quilt, add 90+90+90+90=360, then multiply x .15 = $54.00.  You should be prepared to send extra fabric. I will advise you of the amount of fabric you need.

I do provide Batting at a cost of $30.00 per quilt.

***Feel free to contact me if there is custom work you would like done. Pricing for custom work is done on a case by case basis!!! I can provide ruler work and various template designs.